Privacy Policy

The later part shows the data collection and distribution actions performed in / for this web site:

Information gathering and its purpose

We will be in need of certain information about you:

  • Your full name
  • a valid e-mail address
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • credit/debit card number and its expiry date

These details about you will be used at the time of your reservations and will be used to intimate the booking status of the same by sending an email or fax. You will need to show the personal identification of other people for whom you are booking. Also let them know and get their permission to spell about them to us. We use your details or of them for booking the hotel rooms or any such accommodation. We will send an acknowledgement email to you or/and them if you request so.

Promotional emails revealing such special offers and deals may be sent by using your personal contact information. However, you can stop this by sending us a mail if you don't want to hear from us. We never share your details or contact numbers/email ids with any third parties except for those mentioned in the Information Sharing, detailed below.

Information Sharing

Your details will be given to

  • the processing bank;
  • our subsidiary partners and
  • third party vendors only for carrying out your deals and bookings and to fulfill you the services promised by us.
    • Payment through card needs verification and so your card details will be passed on to the bank to get approval for the same.
    • Your details might also be disclosed to the hotels to book your rooms, and to the hire-car representatives, and other third party agencies for fulfilling your travel needs without violating the privacy policy statement. Only limited information what is needed is given to all the above said agents.
    • Sharing your details will be done under the stated circumstances only. Unless there are some emergencies or any legal proceedings your information will not be shared to any individual or agency.

Log Files

The IP addresses are used for solving concerns with that on the server and thus help in a deeper analysis of the site allowing you to track the in-house traffic of the site. The IP address does not tend to get listed in the personal identifiable sequence.


Cookies are meant for knowing the interesting pages or parts of the site. We use cookies in the same way. Cookies are nothing but a small bit of data kept on the hard drive to support knowing things. Cookies cannot retrieve or read any information about personally identifications. Disable your web browser's cookies option if you don't wish to accept any cookies from any site or refuse when you are asked for it.


The website is implemented with high-tech protection factors in order to prevent it from any failure, abuse or modification of the data. We have employed Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to control and safeguard the personal information given to us. The SSL can encrypt the credit/debit card details and transactions in no matter of time and can avail a secure transaction. Furthermore, we are equipped with a complete security structure to protect the additional information provided by you. This system includes advanced firewall technologies with balanced network sectional entries to protect and deny vulnerable data from the vast databases of our site. The profile data and other secured parts of the database are restricted for entry. Each online user datum is well secured by the SSL encryption system whereas the offline data are certainly protected by our team. Our staffs can never access your personal identifiable information unless they have a need for it to access and to complete the transaction. They need to get approval from the higher authorities to actually view the personal details. All the staffs are updated with our policy and security statements and brushed up quarterly or when revised or added a statement.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

If we subject to change our policy on the use of personal information, then the revisions will be added in detail in the list of privacy statements given. By booking from our website you mean that you have read and accepted the privacy policy and statement available at the time of your bookings, no matter whether you have entered your personal information at the time of booking or earlier. If we tend to change our privacy policy on the personally identifiable information after your bookings then we will update you by sending an email and will wait for your approval as well.

Contacting us

Using Alami Garden Hotel site for bookings says that you have solely read the norms of this site and have accepted sanction to use the personal details in the former mentioned styles. If you come across any doubts regarding the security and privacy policies, or the happenings or offers of this site please feel free to drop us an email or contact us