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Alami Garden Apartment

Alami Garden Residency / Service Apartment are a fully furnished apartment available for both short-term as well as long-term stays. They are ideal for leisure, traveling with a family or business travel, college sharing or as temporary accommodation between houses more or during relocation. Residency apartment have all the services like housekeeping, 24-hour reception desk, parking, free access to a fitness room and swimming pool.

The real advantages are that it offers spacious accommodation, bedroom are separate to the living area unlike hotel room.

Alami Garden Residency service apartment is located in the center of Shah Alam city.

  • It is a 10-minute drive from Subang Jaya, USJ, Glenmarie and Subang Parade.
  • Kuala Lumpur city center, KL Tower, Petronas Twin Tower and National Museum just are within 40-minute driving distance.
  • The Sunway Lagoon water theme park and all PJ areas are all within 30-minute drive from here.
  • It is 8km away from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Skypark). KLIA and KLIA2 is a 45-minute drive away.
  • Easily to get to Klang Town is just 13km and about 15-minute toward drive to the Port Klang.
  • There is also a commuter train station in Batu Tiga. It is just 5-minute drive from here, 3km away from the residency.

Restaurant and Foods:

  • Café Citra Rasa is attached to Alami Garden Hotel, provide fusion foods. Which is Halal certified.
  • There are others like the Sumbs, Greese, November and other outlets within the walking distand.
  • There are food courts in Aeon mall, Giant Hypermarket and Tesco.
  • There are also restaurant selling Malay and Indian cuisine opposite Aeon Mall, this is only 1KM away.
  • In Glenmarie area 3KM from Alami Garden Residency, there are restaurant serving both Halal and Non-halal food.

Places Surrounding and Around Us:

  1. Public Swimming and Pool
    • The Akuatik beside the Calton Holiday Hotel.
  2. Club
    • Club Shah Alam.
  3. Shopping Centre and Hypermarket
    • Aeon Mall.
    • Tesco
    • Tesco Extra
    • Giant Hypermarket.
  4. Sport Centre
    • Stadium Shah Alam.
    • Stadium Malawati.
    • Extreme Park.


Transportation (24 hours)

Company: Kemuncak Awal (radio taxi)

Tel: 03 – 5541 1455

House Rules for Alami Garden Residency / Service Apartment:

This service apartment is hosted by Mr. K. C. Kam and is managed by Alami Garden Hotel Sdn Bhd, (herein referred to as “The Management”)

  1. The Management strictly prohibits any illegal, unlawful or immoral activities within this premise including all unlawful and illegal items, materials or articles, arms, ammunition, explosive substances in any part of the premises.
  2. Smoking is strictly prohibited within this premise. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas within the building. Use of prohibited drugs is absolutely not allowed inside the whole Residency Alami compound.
  3. Pets, cats, dogs, are strictly not allowed inside the premise.
  4. Durian and mangosteen are strictly not allowed to be brought into the unit.
  5. The Management will NOT be responsible or liable to the tenant(s) or any other persons for damages and or losses of properties and personal effects and injuries sustained or suffered for any accidental happening in the premises.
  6. For safety purpose, the tenant(s) shall not increase the capacity of the main fuse in the electrical distribution board within the apartment. All electrical appliances shall be switched off when not in use.
  7. Not to cause or become a nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to the owner resident of adjacent neighboring apartments.
  8. The registered tenant shall be responsible to register with the Management all his / her invitees and the Management shall have the absolute power to refuse or deny entry of any of his / her invitees or to restrict the number of invites.
  9. Guests must strictly park their cars or vehicles in designated car park and must not cause inconvenience to resident’ and others property line.
  10. Guest(s) shall ensure the premises are securely locked at all time.
  11. All guest(s) shall observe proper decorum in the premises.
  12. Any damage to electrical appliances, equipment’s or defacement of furniture and fittings shall be notified immediately to the Management. The Management shall be entitled to charge and claim replacement charges for damages incurred.
  13. The key card(s) must be returned in good condition upon checking out. Any missing or damaged key cards shall be charged to registered guest at RM 50.00 per card.
  14. All tenants are to observe the notices, the dos and don’ts of the host and RESIDENSI ALAMI JOINT MANAGEMENT BODY and be considerate of local owners and behave with propriety on the use of swimming pool, gymnasium and surrounding area in common.
  15. The Management shall have the absolute power or right to refuse and / or terminate the stay immediately without any compensation or refund whatsoever should the tenant(s) and or her guest invitees breaches the above terms and conditions, disregard or ignore the House Rules and or upon the Management receiving complaints from owners or other guests of neighboring units against the tenant or his / her / guest invitees.
  16. All registered tenants and his / her / guest invitees(s) shall deemed to have read and understood the above terms and conditions.

Re: The house rules & mutual understanding while you are the tenant(s).

1. Elektrik / Electricity

  • For safety purpose, tenants shall not increase the capacity of the main fuse in the electrical distribution board.
  • Tenants shall not install any electrical sockets or electrical power points or electrical appliance.

2. Pakaian di gantung di tempat khas / Laundry

  • Tenants shall not hang any laundry clothes or articles outside the window.

3. Utiliti / Kemudahan bersama, Common Utilities / Facilities

  • Tenants shall be entitled to use the common facilities with the covenants herein and such other rules and regulations.
  • Furniture, furnishings, fixture and fittings and other facilities and amenities shall not be altered or removed from their locations.
  • Firefighting equipment in the Common Property shall not be tampered with.
  • Tenant shall not do anything to interfere or impair the common utility services.

4. Tetamu, Pelawat dan Sebagainya / Guests, invitees etc.

  • Tenants shall ensure that such guests, servants, invitees or employees shall abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of the building and the common property. Tenants shall be liable for any damage caused.
  • Guests of the tenant will be permitted into the building after the security personnel at the access control point. And required to provide their particulars to the security personnel before entry into the building.
  • Tenant shall inform the security at the control access point by furnishing relevant details of such guests.

5. Surau / Bilik Sembahyang, Surau / Prayer Room

  • Surau/prayer has been made specifically for male and female separately.
  • Users are not allowed to sleep and caused nuisance in the prayer room.

6. Parti-Parti & Jamuan Tertutup / Parties & Private Functions

  • For security purpose, tenant holding such private function shall notify and inform the management at the time of register or reservation.
  • Private parties or function are limited at the pool areas only.
  • Only use the designated function areas after reservation payment of deposit (RM 500) has been made.

7. Tempat Meletak Kereta / Car Park

  • Car or vehicle must be park in your designated car park and in a proper manner.
  • The car wash bays are open to all tenants.

8. Harta Bersama / Common Property

  • Tenants shall not place any personal property, plants or objects in any part or parts at the common area.
  • Need to take care and consideration when cleaning the balcony and areas adjoining the external walls to prevent water from running down.
  • Any damage caused to common property shall be assessed by the management and the cost of repair and replacement shall be borne by the tenant(s).

9. Penggunaan Lif / Usage of Lifts

  • Tenants shall not wear wet bathing suit, drink or eat in any lift or wear or carry any items such as wet bathing suits, that could stain the lift.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibits in the lifts.
  • Tenants shall not tamper with any of the lift controls to prevent the proper functioning of the lifts.
  • At time of fire, do not use the lift.

10. Haiwan Peliharaan / Pets

  • No pets or livestock whatsoever shall be allowed or kept in the parcel or any part of the building.

11. Kolam Renang / Swimming and Wading Pool

  • The pools are open from 7.00am to 10.00pm daily.
  • Children below the age of 12 shall not at any time be near or allowed to use the pools, unless accompanied and supervised by an adult / parents.
  • For hygienic reasons, showers must be taken without expectation before entering the pools. Suntan lotion or oil must be removed from the body.
  • Proper swimming attire must be worn by all users of the pools at all times. Topless sunbathing/swimming and nudity at the pool area are strictly prohibited.
  • No horseplay or similar activities shall be allowed in the pools.
  • No swimming will be allowed during chemical treatment hours.
  • No floats, large mat, bulky floats, snorkels and scuba gears shall be used in the pools.
  • Strongly advised to leave the pools during thunderstorms or heavy raining.
  • Glassware, breakable and other harmful objects are forbidden in and around the pools.
  • No diving is allowed in the pools.
  • Smoking in the pools and surrounding areas is strictly prohibited.

12. Ruang Gimnasium / Gymnasium Space

  • Tenants may use the gymnasium space from 7.00am to 10.00pm daily.
  • Users of the gymnasium space are to be appropriately attired. Street or outdoor shoes such as boots, high-heeled shoes or leather shoes are not be worn in the gymnasium space.
  • No smoking, drinking or eating is permitted in the gymnasium space.
  • Lights and fans are to be switched off after use of the facility.
  • Children under sixteen (16) years, are not allowed into the gymnasium space.

13. Kawasan Taman Permainan / Playground Area

  • Children below the age of 12 years must be accompanies and supervised by an adult at all time.
  • No littering is allowed and all litter must be deposited in designated refuse bins.
  • All the equipment placed or installed in the common area has been provided for the safety, comfort and convenience of all occupants and therefore shall not be damaged or removed.
  • Any usage of equipment at the playground area shall be at your own risk.

14. Sky Garden / Sky Garden

  • No littering is allowed and all litter must be deposited in designated refuse bins.
  • All the equipment placed or installed in the common area has been provided. Safety, comfort and convenience of all occupants and therefore shall not be damaged, removed or altered without the permission.

Hotel Address

1-13, Block 1, Presint Alami, No.2, Persiaran Akuatik, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

+603-5518 1223   +603-5518 1226

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